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Call us: 0800 1 444 100

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TL;DR: Positive’s relaunching to bring you the most reliable and fastest internet for your area. Follow the link at the bottom to find out if you’re eligible for an £800 grant! 

Here at Positive, we’re making big leaps forward into a brand-new future, and we want you to come along. But first, maybe a little about us.


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The Positive Story

If you’ve found your way to this blog, then maybe you know a bit about us already. If that’s the case, then you must be asking yourself “Hey, yeah I get it – Positive’s positive, they’re looking to make an actionable positive effect on local communities, and they offer the best premium broadband available with a superbly personable engagement that reflects their frankly outrageously accessible team.” Or something like that? But believe it or not, Positive’s concern for community isn’t solely the product of corporate nonsense, fluff and/or gobbledygook. We really mean it! Positive celebrates the everyday connections people make. The uninterrupted moments that form the foundations of our communities. Positive’s commitment is to the people. Our goal has always been to assure that, no matter where your community is based, you have access to quality broadband and telecoms infrastructure, so that you never miss out on an opportunity to connect. Just look at the amazing work the people and communities have achieved through partnering with Positive.


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Our Family Members

We’ve provided IT and telecoms to big, small, private and public sectors – we’re talking tourism, transport, retail, education, leisure, hospitality, call centres, the healthcare industry and all kinds of professional services. Here at Positive, we understand that in order for a community to truly connect, then every person, big and small, needs to be given the best opportunity possible to do so. Because of our commitment to community, we’ve managed to form strong bonds with some of the major clients who form the backbone of the West Wales economy. These services that keep our local communities strong and stable, from schools (Coleg Sir Gar & St Michael’s) to hospitals (Morriston) all the way to Folly Farm and Manor House Wildlife Park. Tell us where we’d be if Zebras did not have access to quality 4G! Okay, we were actually installing CCTV, but still, you just remember that next time you don’t see a lion swaggering down the high street.


A Bit About the Past, A Lot About the Future

In all seriousness, Positive really does care about community. It’s no surprise when you look at how we started. Positive was established by Sir Positive himself, Jason Edwards. If anyone understands the importance of the personal approach, then it’s Jason. Having found steady footing selling food door-to-door (really!) Jason then moved into computer programming in the 80s. His career developed into IT and telecoms with roles including Corporate Business Management at Kodak and also a senior management role at WorldCom. But in 1999, Jason was beginning to see a glaring gap in the market for a Wales-based IT support and telecoms business. Jason’s passion for local community initiatives, developed from his experience of door-to-door sales, never left him. Having by then established his skills and experience in IT, he was beginning to notice how these communities were being left behind in the rapid slouch forward of the technology boom. Jason was determined to help these communities bring themselves into that new age.


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Our Mission

At Positive this is still our motivation. We want to provide fast and reliable internet to every home and business in South West Wales by 2030. We envision a future where every home and business in South West Wales is all-ways connected so that local communities don’t get left behind, they thrive.


Positive News

You’ve probably guessed, but this is just a hello, how’d you do, here’s us shiny and new kind of post. Just a little background on what we’re about. But what’s most important is where we’re heading. At Positive we’ve been thinking a lot about the people who make up our local communities. We want to help you get better connected and to stay connected allways. Missed moments shouldn’t upset the smooth rhythm of your life. That’s why we’re working with the Welsh Government to give you a chance at receiving a grant worth up to £800! This could help you in setting up the most reliable and fastest internet in your area, with the help of our specialist team of testers and installers. You can follow the link below to check your eligibility for the grant right now – and to see our straightforward guide to how everything works. And not just that. Because we want you to stay connected, we’ll be posting news, posts, guides and checklists every week to help you keep in-the-know with all your internet-related issues. You can sign up to our newsletter here to be the first to know when it comes to helpfully handy posts that will relieve your router worries.