Call us: 0800 1 444 100



Call us: 0800 1 444 100

How it Works

Join Positive! You might be eligible for an £800 grant!

Never miss another precious moment. If bad internet has you feeling locked out of life, then it’s time to come in from the cold and warm up with the Positive family.

irreplaceable moments

made simple

Here’s how you can get better connected in just four unfussy Positive steps.

Step 1

Save up to £800

Visit Get Started to check your eligibility for the grant. Applying is super easy and could save you up to £800!

Step 2

Join Positive!

Sign up to join the Positive family. This means stress-free, unlimited, reliable internet from £42 a month.

Step 3

Get Connected

Unlike other providers, we test all the big networks to ensure you have the best possible connection for your area. So, when our local team get you connected, they’ll know exactly what you need. 

Step 4

Stay Connected

When you connect with us, you’ll stay connected and because we want the best for you – if anything changes with your current provider after installation, we’ll upgrade you for free.

Installation is from just £149 and that includes assistance in whatever else ails your internet. No fuss, no automated answer machines, just face-to-face premium service from a caring local supplier.

The pOSITIVE way