Call us: 0800 1 444 100



Call us: 0800 1 444 100

About Positive

Positive celebrates the everyday connections people make. The uninterrupted moments that form the foundations of our communities. Positive’s commitment is to the people, at home, at work, for you & your business.
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Home or business

Wi-fi wherever you are

Our goal has always been to assure that, no matter where your community or your business is based, you have access to quality internet, so that you never miss out on an opportunity to connect.

Our Mission

We know that for you to truly thrive, you need access to every moment. That’s why our mission is to provide the fastest, most reliable internet with minimum speeds of 50Mbps to every home and business in South West Wales by 2030. So, when you join the Positive family, no matter where you are or what you do, you’re in good hands.


But don’t just take our word for it, Positive has been serving a diverse range of clients across South Wales since 1999. We’ve supported big, small, private and public sectors – we’re talking tourism, transport, retail, education, leisure, hospitality, call centres, the healthcare industry and all kinds of professional services. Our tech innovation is backed by our experience, noted for our reliability across multiple services and sectors.

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Positive Profiles

Meet our mystical team helping you access the unforgettable.

Sir Positive


CEO and Chief Squircle, Sir Positive may not come befitted in a suit of shining armour, but he’ll light his way with his big beaming smile. Sir Positive has made it his mission to spread connection and positivity across the land and he’s gathered his great team of loyal legions to aid him in his gallant quest.
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Technical Troopers

Daniel, Mike & Andrew

Our support team from home, they are here to make sure your home or business runs without a hitch.  
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General Fort-Holder 


As legionnaires come and go on their various journeys, it is the trusty General who holds down the home fort. Without his guidance and protection at the great gates of Positive House, things might truly fall apart. Fortunately, he holds it together so that things run smoothly, no matter when or where anyone is needed. 
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super installers

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Super Installers! This flock of high-flying specialists are always at the ready to dispatch at the first word of a call to duty. When you see our standout van gliding smoothly down the road, you’ll know that our Super Installers are en route to get a lucky customer connected. Maybe that lucky customer could be you? 
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Jnr installers

Our Super Installers in training are by no means less super. They’re just still earning their wings. 
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The secret sage


Though his words may ring over distant shores, be sure he’s always there when the team needs him. The Secret Sage oversees the work of Sir Positive’s creative companions to assure the quality of every quote and quibble.   

The vis wiz


The Viz Wiz is the enchanted conjurer of colourful graphics. With but a flick of her mouse she summons fanciful shapes and colours across the dark plains of any blank screen. A key collaborator in Sir Positive’s mission to bring brightness and colour to the buffer realms. 

The narrator


The Narrator is the loyal scribe at Sir Positive’s side. With his quicksilver quill he translates the travels and prophecies of Sir Positive into words for the noble people of every land they voyage to. With help the Viz Wiz, they make sure Sir Positive’s message is understood.