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Uncover The Ancient Text

A tale of how townsfolk brought hope to the Wi-Fi wilderness

The following text was recovered from the deep and long untouched cellar of the Positive office. Hidden between pages of archaic writing, bound by ancient leather…

Out in the far reaches of the kingdom, cast in shadow, a figure rose forth from the thick forest bramble. His name: Sir Positive. Now, Sir Positive was no knight in gleaming armour. He had no sword nor steed. He was like you or I. He had not a beacon to guide his way through the darkness. No eternal flame to light his path. What he did have… was a smile.

With a cheeky smile up to his ear he saw clear from there to here. His teeth like torches, his gums like rings of Saturn. Through dim forest thickets, Sir Positive marched on till he found his way through to brighter clearings. And as he rose into those clearings, so too did his mind become clear…

I’m sure you’re asking yourself what this story has to do with the matter at hand. But I am just the narrator, and my sole duty is to tell this tale as old as time. Of a character cast in doubt, and a bold ambition. For though Sir Positive trailed alone, he thought always of his purpose. He left not to escape, but to one day return.


Back home Sir Positive had watched as the noble people of his birthplace had been left to perish by the powerful courts and kings of the so-called “promise land”. The once great realms of the kingdom’s nether had fallen into a permanent shadow, and an eternal winter… People who once lived together had been forced apart by the cold and overgrow, unable to see through the mist and thistle of the darkening forest.

Intent on bringing back the warmth and joy of connection, Sir Positive set out to retrieve the secrets of the Golden Router from within the walls of the citadel. The Golden Router whose power had cast the faraway realms into darkness.

And so now we come back to our tale. Sir Positive had travelled over lands long and mountains high, valleys low-slung and deserts dry. He trudged through marshes wet and swamps a-slimy, oceans cold and rivers briny. He went on foot with his smile shining bright, until he saw a castle in the pale moonlight. He approached with cunning and scaled the wall, then he descended into the royal hall. 

On lightest foot and bravery bold, he stole away into the cavern of gold. There in light, inspiring stupor, the splendid sight of the Golden Router. And to save you time I’ll make this quick, with one foul swoop… he took it!

Sir Positive had seized the knowledge and the power of the Golden Router. Over vast lands he carried it home with thoughts of his family there. And with its mystic magic he began to clear away the tangle of the overgrown forest and bring light into the deepest dark.

But the truth is Sir Positive is not the hero of his own story. And in fact, it is not his story at all. By removing the tangled brake and lighting the dark, Sir Positive hoped to restore the great power of community back into the hinter-realms.

With the forest cleared and the darkness dimmed, the people came out once again. It mattered little that the realms were not protected by the shadow of the castle walls, as outside the shadow the communities could shine. Now connected once more, the people began to do amazing things. They helped each other, they thrived, isolation was relinquished and bonds were formed.

Sir Positive watched on, but his job wasn’t finished. There were more lands out in the barren wild who needed to connect…

The End

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