Call us: 0800 1 444 100



Call us: 0800 1 444 100

Why Choose Positive?

You could be unlocking a new world of superfast reliable connections

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Planet Wi-Fi

We scour the South-Walian globe looking for the best Wi-Fi results. Because we test all the big providers, we find the best possible solutions specific to you! We’re area specific, not brand specific. We do the best for you, not for the big brands. The most reliable and fastest internet in your area is in our hands.

Get your net working

We’ll connect you allways so that your network stays smart and in sync. We work across a wide range of services and tech, so when you join us your internet issues and Wi-Fi worries can wash away.

Your safety and security

Hacks, cyber-attacks and scammers named Jack (among other names). Joining the Positive family gives you and your computers safety and security, so that virus violators & data do-badders don’t damage you or your CPU!

Your busy business broadbanded!

Because we’re specialists in all that stuff above, we’ve made strong connections across all industry types, which means we’ll find the best broadband to help your business keep bustling.

Squircle location pin

We test all the big providers in your area so we can find the best possible results specific to you. And because we test across all areas of South Wales, it doesn’t matter whether you’re up in a goat-herding hut in the mountains, or a sea-battered fisherman’s shack by the shore, we’ll find what’s best for you. 

Your phone systems sorted

We’ll help keep you just a call away, should you need help with anything down the line. We’ve sorted phone systems for whopping and incy-wincy businesses alike. Tourism to top 100 companies, transport, retail, education, leisure and call centres (they needed a whole load of phones!) If you want to dial up, dial us. 

Thinking big acting local

We hail from South Wales, and if it rhymes it must be true. Our team of salers and super installers are always in your area to set you up and help you out when you need it. Face-to-face, friendly family service.

Super I.T. assistance

Here’s just another reminder that we’re always in the area to keep you in the moment. So on the offchance things go down or mess up, then professional help from Positive is free and breezy. Because family doesn’t do “favours”, we see assistance as our responsibility.