Call us: 0800 1 444 100



Call us: 0800 1 444 100

the most reliable fastest broadband

in your area

Only £42 per month

One simple Positive Plan has everything you need

  • Unlimited data
  • Most reliable & fastest speeds possible for your area
  • Up to 100Mbps⁺ wireless broadband
  • Available in all rural and urban areas in S. Wales
  • For home and business
  • Connect multiple devices to the internet at once
  • Ideal for gaming online
  • Steam Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video & Apple TV^
  • Unbroken video calls on Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, MS Teams & FB Messenger^

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Where is Positive Internet available?

We test and provide across all regions of South Wales to ensure that even those in the most isolated areas can have access to the most reliable connection.

How reliable is Positive?

Unlike other providers, Positive tests all the big networks in your area to ensure that you have the fastest and most reliable internet. Reliability is our main focus. Our regular testing and network flexibility means that we can guarantee to provide you with the most reliable network for your area. 

How fast is Positive Internet?

Unlike other providers, Positive tests all the big networks in your area to find the fastest and most reliable one for you. This means that we can promise the most reliable and fastest internet in your area. That’s superfast, unlimited broadband with a reliable connection up to 50x faster than your basic internet.

How long is the contract?

We operate on a basic two-year contract. But unlike other providers, we offer flexibility and durability. That’s because our two-year contract doesn’t leave you stuck in the mud. If your provider goes down, we won’t hesitate to switch you to another provider to ensure you stay allways connected. And not just that, because we’re confident you’ll want to stick around after the two years, we offer discounts for extensions beyond the basic contract. At Positive, we reward loyalty. 

What networks do Positive provide?

Unlike other providers, Positive tests and provides all the big networks in your area to ensure you have the fastest and most reliable internet available. Because why choose one network when you can choose them all? That includes BT, EE, 3, Vodafone and O2.

How much does installation cost?/Are there any fees for installation?

Installation is £948. However, if you’re eligible for the Welsh Government better broadband grant, then installation could be as low as £149. That’s a discount of £800! Simply go to our Get Started page now to check your eligibility for the grant and to see how much you could save on an installation. 

Is there any financial support available?

Yes! You may be eligible for an £800 better broadband grant supported by the Welsh government. The full grant will cover a majority of your instalment fee, and we will help you in accessing that grant for free. Simply go to our Get Started page now to check your eligibility. It only takes a minute and could save you £800!

And don’t forget about Positive Pals, the referral plan that saves you £25 off your bill for every friend you send our way. Refer 10 people and save £250 off your bill. Head to our Referral page to find out how you could save.

Do you offer internet for residential/business?

We offer internet for both residential and business customers. Our IT specialists and engineers have a great deal of experience in fitting both large business networks and smaller home networks. If you’re looking to learn more about our business offers, then call us today at 0800 1 444 100 or visit our business page now.

Do you offer any other services?

Positive connects people in all ways. That means we work across a wide range of tech sectors and services. That’s everything from big business networks, to Wi-Fi, 5G, phone systems, safety and security, installations, IT assistance, regular network testing and smart tech. You can find out more about our range of services here

Can I keep my existing provider when I join Positive?

Yes! You can still keep you existing and provider AND join with Positive as we provide a wireless connection, unless stated otherwise by a specific deal or offer.

Do I need to keep my landline?

No, there is no need to keep your current landline. This choice is entirely yours. 

Where does this leave me with my current provider?...

Unless you’re looking to stay with your current provider as well as Positive (you can have Positive broadband on top of your current provider, unless a specific deal states otherwise, as we provide wireless internet), then we will happily switch you over as this is all covered under the installation fee. This is of course subject to cancellation of your contract with your current provider.


Last updated: 22/04/22

At the time of writing, a Welsh Government grant is being made available to businesses and residents in Wales with poor internet connections to install better broadband using wireless technology. Eligible customers can claim up to £800 towards the installation of Positive Wireless Technology. Upon registering your interest in Positive by calling Positive on 0800  1 444 100 or completing the form on this page, Positive will help you in your application free of charge. This grant offer could end at any moment so we would encourage you not to hesitate in registering your interest.

^ Positive broadband deals and packages do not include subscriptions to third-party software or streaming services.

⁺ Upon inspection of your property location, Positive will recommend the most appropriate Positive Wireless Technology to achieve the fastest, most reliable internet connection for your area. Installation will therefore vary depending on which Positive Wireless Technology you ultimately opt-in for. A quotation will be provided to you upon site-survey for installation.

⁺ Wireless broadband speeds up to 100mbps are made possible with Positive Wireless Technology using 4g/5g connections. Connection speeds vary based on location, terrain and distance from network towers. Positive guarantees minimum speeds of 30mbps no matter what your location is in South Wales.